Responding to the Pandemic

The timing of FOPP 31, Part 2 (the in-person seminar, May 10-13, 2023) is such that Covid should not be a significant issue. We will, of course, follow whatever safety measures appropriate authorities recommend. If you wish to wear a mask or take other personal-protective measures at the seminar, even if they are not required, you will be at liberty to do so.

FOPP 31 Payment Methods and Deadlines/FOPP 31 Part 2

FOPP participants can get a head start on their reading and research by beginning early, before the formal start date (October 24, 2022). In all cases, however, Part 1 (distance learning) tuition must be paid before a participant may begin the course (early or otherwise).

The latest date for receipt of FOPP 31 Part 1 tuition is October 24, 2022. We must receive payment for the May 10-13, 2023, FOPP 31-concluding seminar by March 10, 2023.

Use any major credit card to pay via PayPal (PayPal account NOT required), or you may save $100 on Part 1 and another $100 on Part 2 by paying via ACH or a check payable to Bachner Communications, Inc. that you send to:

Fundamentals of Professional Practice
c/o Bachner Communications, Inc.
180 Reachcliff Drive
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

FOPP 31 Cancellation/Refund Policy

PART 1 participants who drop Part 1 (distance learning) before December 13, 2022 may be entitled to a partial tuition refund. The amount of the refund will depend on when we receive a “drop notice.”

Received after Mon., Nov. 7: 75% Refund
Received after Mon., Nov. 14: 65% Refund
Received after Mon., Nov. 21: 55% Refund
Received after Mon., Nov. 28: 45% Refund
Received after Mon., Dec. 5: 35% Refund
Received after Mon., Dec. 12: No Refund

Please note: FOPP 31 participants who do not complete Part 1 will not be permitted to attend Part 2 (course-concluding seminar).

PART 2: You will in late February 2023 receive materials for FOPP 31 Part 2, the May 10-13, 2023 course-concluding seminar. Tuition includes all sponsored meals and materials. Participants who cancel Part 2 before April 29, 2023 may be entitled to a partial tuition refund. The amount of the refund will depend on when we receive a "drop notice":

Received after Mon., March 31, 2023: 80% Refund
Received after Mon., April 7, 2023: 60% Refund
Received after Mon., April 14, 2023: 40% Refund
Received after Mon., April 21, 2023: 20% Refund
Received after Mon., April 28, 2023: No Refund

Please note: The amount of any FOPP 31 Part 2 refund will be reduced by the amount of whatever penalties FOPP has to pay; e.g., for late room cancellation. Also Note: The FOPP 31 Part 2 seminar is the last FOPP seminar. No "make-up" seminars will be offered.

Privacy Policy

Unless a participant prefers otherwise, Bachner Communications, Inc. does not disclose, sell, or distribute participants' information—including their submissions—to any other parties for any reason.

Publicity and Audio/Video Release

As a condition of participating in Part 2 of the Fundamentals of Professional Practice (FOPP) program (the course-concluding seminar), you authorize Bachner Communications, Inc., and its agents, representatives, and assigns to film, record, or photograph you during your participation, and you grant Bachner Communications, Inc. an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right to use your name, voice, image, testimonials, or other information that you provide to Bachner Communications, Inc., in any media or formats whether now known or later developed. You understand that you will not receive any monetary compensation for such recording, photography, or use by Bachner Communications, Inc. You hereby waive and release Bachner Communications, Inc. from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the exercise of the rights granted herein.