Application for Enrollment in FOPP Part 1: Distance Learning

FOPP begins with Part 1, a six-month distance-learning session. It’s followed by Part 2, a 2½-day seminar. Only those who have completed Part 1 may participate in Part 2. Fill out this form to enroll in Part 1, and then submit payment to confirm your place in the class. We will contact you to confirm that you are enrolled and to tell you about the next steps. Please review our policies for more information about cancellations and refunds.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each participant must work with a mentor who will coach, advise, console, encourage, and congratulate the participant; stay up-to-date with the participant’s activities; review progress reports provided by FOPP staff; answer questions (asking FOPP staff to clarify or explain when that will help); and otherwise provide assistance. Preferably, a mentor is a senior member of the participant's firm who wants to devote the time, interest, and enthusiasm required to excel. If you don’t yet know who your mentor will be, leave the corresponding fields blank for now, but be sure to send us information about your mentor as soon as you have it.

Download PDF Application for Enrollment in Part 1: Distance Learning