"More than 2,000 rising stars have already been through the Fundamentals of Professional Practice program – FOPP. Today, many of them are CEOs of the same firm that enrolled them 10 or 15 years ago."

—John Bachner

What Participants Have To Say

"I really enjoyed presenting my 'Professional Liability Loss Prevention' seminar to our construction observation and testing field representatives over the past three months. I spoke to about 170 GTA employees over 11 offices (nearly 50% of Geo-Technology Associates, Inc. (GTA)’s total workforce). So far the 'Zmoda Road Show' has logged over 2,000 miles from Somerset NJ to Charlotte, NC! Three more offices to go! This project was an offshoot of my participation in John Philip Bachner’s Fundamentals of Professional Practice (FOPP) program, which was an excellent experience."—Andrew Zmoda, PG, PE

"Practice Management for Design Professionals has immeasurably influenced my career and personal success. I have yet to join or find a business that faithfully follows your principles, but I continue to chase that goal."—Brian Skourup

"There is no one better at making you a better technical writer than John. This is a great program!”—Rob Scrafford

What’s a novelist doing in FOPP? Let him tell you! “This was a formative experience in my career and I highly recommend FOPP to any professional…. I’m a novelist, as well as an engineer, and I still use John’s writing guide, which was part of our FOPP materials.”—James Kellogg

“I proudly display my FOPP Certificate of Achievement, Magna Cum Laude, next to my diplomas and professional licenses on my office wall. The FOPP course marked a measurable jump in my career trajectory and my research project directly led to expert work opportunities that were initially referred to me by some of the principal professionals that I interviewed for my research assignment. I imagine John gets a lot of positive feedback because the course is outstanding, but I wanted to share that after all these years the course still stands out as one of the best things I did for my professional growth.”—Timothy F. Wood

"The benefits of FOPP greatly outweigh the amount of work and effort that was required to complete the course. I feel privileged to have been chosen by GCI to participate. Thank you again.—Melissa Bradley, P.E.

"The quantity/quality of the information we reviewed and the knowledge we gained through FOPP is so much greater than most of the "approved" courses available through other companies."—Christopher "Chris" J. Finnegan, P.E.

“I learned more in the last six months than in 4.5 years at college and 8+ years as an environmental consultant. Thank you!”—Michael Meyerhoefer

“I learned more about being an engineering professional in three days than I did in five years of college. I will take everything I learned here to my job.”—Jason Mapes, P.E.

“This program has forced me to step back from the distractions and urgencies of daily work life and think bigger thoughts about the profession, my own career, and my place in the world.”—James Wells, P.G.

“The FOPP program has changed my attitudes toward what professionalism means. It has helped me become a better professional not just by creating reports, but by bettering humanity through my engineering skills. It made me more aware of the importance of community involvement.”—Anwar S. Akhtar, P.E.

“The FOPP course gave a great emphasis on how we can/should empower ourselves in this profession. I learned practical skills and knowledge that can immediately be implemented back at the office on Monday.”—Scott Lawson, P.E., G.E.

“I think the FOPP program has done a great deal in improving my professional mindset. It was challenging, informative, and an overall benefit to my professional career. It also helps to know that my superiors had enough faith in me to send me through the program.”—Tanner Hartranft

“John's passion reminded me why I became a professional in the first place. I was much more involved earlier in my career, but became complacent focusing on my work. John reminded me that my passion for my profession needs to be shared with the next generation to give back to my community. John reminded me that everything I do reflects on my professionalism.”—T. Anthony Harding, P.G., L.G.

“After being involved in litigation I was a little bitter about the profession I chose. After attending the seminar, I have a new appreciation for my profession.”—Scott Myers, P.E.

“I am inspired to advance my career and the profession by applying knowledge I learned through my FOPP experience...I think going through this program inspired me and it was the best professional development experience of my career.”—Ann Winegar, P.G.

“As soon as I started my research, I became more interested in the operations of my firm, instead of just my projects...The seminar opened me to possibilities beyond just being a technical practitioner, to becoming involved in the community.”—Lindsay Flangas, P.E.

“The lessons I learned from the course find their way into my daily activities in many forms. Because of FOPP, I am more effective at performing the duties of a professional engineer. I have learned to incorporate legal and business considerations into nearly everything I do, say, and write. I believe I am able to do a good job of balancing client needs with the best interests of our firm. After FOPP, I have the confidence and knowledge to draw the line with anyone who would compromise me as a professional.”—James D. Kellog, P.E.

"The FOPP program is a ‘whole’ approach to advancing the success of professionals in our industry. I was impressed with the wide range of challenges we tackled such as: risk management, communication skills, professionalism, negotiation, and doing well by doing good. This was, by far, the most-worthwhile professional-development investment I’ve ever made!”—Debra Osuch, REM

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