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1How much does FOPP cost?
Cost information is provided at Be mindful of the discounts available for firms that are members of a sponsoring organization and for paying by check rather than credit card. Terra insureds also receive a discount, as do employees of a firm that has sent people through FOPP in the past.
2How much does the Part 2 (seminar) hotel cost?
John Bachner negotiates a group rate for FOPP participants. We’ll let you know what the rate is before seminar registration opens in late December. The rate for FOPP 27 was $165 per night, including local taxes, et al.
3What is the FOPP Part 2 seminar all about?
FOPP concludes with a 2½-day, in-person seminar at The Hilton Inverness Hotel and Conference Center, in Littleton, Colorado. There, you will meet fellow FOPP participants – peers from North Americas and beyond – and join with them in realizing that you are the future of your profession; what you do with it is up to you. That’s a heady responsibility; all our efforts are designed to help you deal with it well. You will also do some public speaking, engage in loss-prevention analysis, and identify some of the biggest challenges that face your profession and what you and your peers can do about them. You will also hear some great speakers addressing topics that will engage you.
4What happens if I complete Part 1, the distance-learning, but I’m unable to participate in the Part 2 seminar?
With few exceptions, you’d be allowed to participate in the next FOPP’s seminar, or the one after that.
5How much time does FOPP participation require?
Based on what participants have told us, you’re likely to spend about 100 hours over six months, BUT that includes about 25 hours at the course-concluding seminar in Littleton, CO, outside of Denver. The research project you select is a major time factor. You can choose one of the 88 topics we describe in FOPP’s Research-Assignment Compendium, but we encourage you to create one of your own; something that will fit well with the needs of your firm.
6Can we modify one of the 88 topics to make it more suitable for our needs?
Absolutely! You can modify; you can combine two or three; etc. Make the topic something that will be of genuine benefit to your firm.
7How much time does mentor participation require?
That depends on what the mentor commits to doing. The best – often FOPP alumni themselves – participate in research-topic selection, read the text, look at all the quizzes, meet with their protégées once a week or once every-other week, and so on. Others do less. Regrettably, some do almost nothing.
8I see from survey reports that FOPP's weakest element is the mentoring participants receive from people in their own firms. What should I do if I believe my mentor is not giving me the support I need?
Throughout FOPP’s Part 1 distance learning, FOPP participants work with a mentor inside their firms. We give guidance to the mentor, and you need to ensure that your mentor follows that guidance. If that’s not the case, you need to have a “heart-to-heart” with your mentor, something that of itself can be a valuable experience. If your mentor cannot provide effective mentoring, due to time demands or for any other reason, contact FOPP staff. They probably can provide a mentor, although from another firm.
9Can I get an early start?
Yes. Once you have registered and paid for “FOPP Part 1: Distance Learning,” you will be able to download FOPP materials from the course website, including the course schedule and deadlines; the Research Assignment Compendium; and Limitation of Liability: A Handbook for Design and Environmental Professionals, Second Edition, by John Bachner, one of two course books. You may also select a project or create one of your own; submit it to FOPP for approval; and begin your research.
10Do I get my final report back?
No. We simply inform you about the grade John gave your final report. John marks up portions of some final reports, but not in a way that can benefit participants. If your final-report grade is lower than the grade John gave to your second-report submission, chances are you failed to follow an important instruction.
11My company is a Terra insured. Terra subsidizes FOPP participation. How much does Terra pay? Do I take the subsidy off the amount I pay for registration?
Terra is the highest-rated professional-liability insurer in the United States and, not coincidentally, the company spends more on the professional development of its insureds’ personnel than any other insurer we’re aware of. Terra has been a strong supporter of FOPP almost since “day one.” The amount Terra gives for FOPP differs from year to year. For FOPP 28, the rate was $2,250 per insured firm that enrolled at least one participant. Upon successful completion of the FOPP course, an insured should submit to Terra a copy of the paid FOPP invoice, a copy of the FOPP-participation certificate the participant earned, and a brief (no more than 250 words are needed, but more would be welcomed), written statement from the participant describing what the participant gained because of FOPP participation.
12How does project management factor into the course?
Everything you learn in FOPP will help you become a more effective project manager, especially with respect to “soft skills”; e.g., oral and written communication, dispute resolution, personal planning, and so much more; just read what past participants have had to say. According to John Bachner, “What I’ve tried to do is develop something that integrates professionalism and business. You will learn about the history of professions and how things have changed; you will learn about contracts and insurance; we’ll address marketing and sales; and much more: the fundamentals, as advertised.”
13What amenities does the hotel offer?
Take a day or two before or after the seminar to enjoy all that’s available from The Hilton Denver Inverness and its environs. From the hotel: an on-site spa; a walking track; a jogging track; a well-equipped fitness room; indoor and outdoor swimming pools; an 18-hole golf course; a driving range and putting green; the Randy Ross tennis center; tennis courts; and pool table… and that’s not all! For other things to do at the hotel and in the area, visit the Inverness website.
14When John marks up my written materials he sometimes uses colors in addition to red. What do the different colors mean?
Nothing in particular. John uses the different colors to make it easier to discern his intent; i.e., which comment goes where.
15Where else can I get information?
Call or text John at 202-441-7879; e-mail him at Call or text Nancy McKeithen at 301-588-8668; e-mail her at